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"…Rather than simply revising processes, Mr. Blei has revolutionized them, resulting in benefits and savings that will continue well into the future…"
--Brian Thiele, VP -Bank of America


"…Within two sessions, they produced results paying for their services tenfold, with no downtime. It was a fun process, concentrating on maximizing the positives rather than focusing on negatives. It’s costing you money not to work with Ian!"

-- William Holt, Director - the Meta Institute


"…Ian showed us where to focus our resources for maximum ROI.  Rather than dispersed general staffing efforts yielding little return, our new laser-like focus took us to number one in our niche: Event Staffing, and now we're really On the Move!"

-- Vaneese Johnson, CEO - On the Move Event Staffing






Aside from the countless individuals who've "stepped up their Game" in their careers, their relationships, and their overall fulfillment in life, the ripples flow outward to the success of their organizations too.  Testimonials can address an individual's increase in happiness and fulfillment, and obviously doubling your income, achieving what you'd only dreamed about, and living a "juicier," fuller life is reason enough to pick up the phone or email me now.


However, when things are going "badly," people shrink back from their aspirations, which usually ends up in a cycle of cutting back and pain. This is totally unnecessary, and you don't have to surrender to it. Re-Engineering and Process Consulting will streamline and refine your organization, like a personal trainer does for an athlete. If your company is struggling, you're less likely to give yourself the time you need to grow and evolve. My "Turnaround" methods have a proven track record of unanimous success, so before you start cutting staff or giving up on success, call today. The sample below is a small fraction of the organizations I've helped over the years. I want to help you too. When your business is booming, your Vision grows with it. You deserve having that Vision, and making it real.

  • Increased Accounts Receivable (revenue) by 35% within one week at an Insurance Office by adjusting processes and communications within the office environment.

  • Raised the annual sales volume of an East Bay Copymat from $386,000 to over $1.2 Million, through re-engineered systems and a fundamental shift in employee interaction and participative design, fueled by enhanced communication.

  • Saved a Legal Services firm approximately $400,000 within three months, after shifting their approaches and communication paradigms.

  • Developed process-systems to save over $125,000 annually at Top Cat Graphics and Printing, after uncovering the intrinsic skills of the employees, and re-deploying their efforts accordingly, and re-engineering their intranet and internet systems for efficient communication and job tracking.

  • Saved Bank of America approximately $47 million, through operational reforms, new procedures, and expense containment policies, all developed through enhanced communication and application of the right skills to the right job functions.

  • Using the G.P.S.© process, a small general staffing company was able to focus on their core competencies, shift to high gear, and become San Francisco's Premier Event Staffing Firm: On the Move.

  • Cut production time by over 675% for the display department of Hahn Shoes (a national retail shoe store chain.) after increasing the bottom-up communication from the ones performing the work up to management previously making all the decisions.

  • Reduced turnover at a retail Business Services company by 70% as communication replaced conflict, work became easier, morale improved, and profits tripled.

  • Helped countless teams, caught in a dynamic of fighting over the same old things, as they learned how to see from each other's perspective, and turn conflict into joyful explorations and brainstorming.


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