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How It Works

Track Record







"I can't thank Ian enough for the impact he has made on my life. Working with him has made me experience my highest self in all aspects: work, relationships, social, and personal. The simple tools he uses are very insightful and motivating. His knowledge of personality types and how the mind works is profound. Just a casual conversation with Ian leaves me inspired to improve myself and realize what I am capable of. I recommend his services to anyone no matter where you are in your life journey." - G. Garcia, Certified Nutritionist, Personal Chef - S.F., CA


Ian has changed my life in so many ways and in all aspects. I have learned so much about myself, and grown into someone I never thought possible...again. His unique way of finding balance in life and incorporating the Enneagram are ingredients to finding our BEST VERSIONS of ourselves. This has translated into my work life, social life, love life, etc. I am now living...Thank you Ian Blei!” -Joselle Gacusan, Personal Trainer - S.F., CA




“Ian's unique, engaging, personal, insightful, and compassionate approach has helped me to identify the most resourceful parts of me, and to consciously use these resources every day at work and at home. I have grown several fold both personally and professionally, resulting in positive results, including increased productivity, a job promotion, and, improved communication with colleagues, and with my wife! Ian, many many thanks for your passion to help people, including myself, live their very best!”
- Dr. Ramon Quesada, MD


Ian is a catalyst for ‘aha! moments.’ I saw how to adjust my communications to get outcomes that everyone is happy about.” - Keith Myer: Global Digital Media Executive, IBM (  



"I can't say enough about how beneficial it was for me working with Ian.  I came to him when there was a crossroads in my career and Ian gave me the guidance and mentor-ship that I needed to really grow and advance within my company. Long story short I was promoted twice quite quickly after working with Ian and have the tools needed to grow and manage my ever expanding team.  I highly recommend Ian to anyone looking for personal and professional growth!" - Daniel Duffy: Regional Sales Director, West-USA




"I greatly appreciate your help and guidance through a tough time...The skills you taught me have played a large role in my snowballing success." - Doug Workmaster, Workmaster Photographic Studio



  "I've been working with Ian for coaching sessions, and his support has been truly invaluable. I was preparing to give a talk, and had some anxiety about not doing a good job. Through Ian I understood the source of the anxiety. His suggestion was very simple, yet it made a world of difference. While my talk was about promoting my business, it was also about sharing something that helps people. Both were true motivations, yet once I shifted my focus on serving others, the anxiety dissipated immediately like magic. I prepared for the talk with joy and enthusiasm, and everything went smoothly as I had hoped." - Su Ruan, S.F., CA


"…working with Ian saved my company thousands upon thousands of dollars in my time and through better decision making.  His consulting has been invaluable to me." - Shannon Seek, Principal - Seek Solutions and Author of The Organic Organizing Matrix


Ian is a true expert regarding communication and its business applications. He is fantastic at working with business units, partnerships, colleagues, co-workers, to create deeper understanding of the motivations that drive each type and how to best communicate to get results.” - Julie Chendes, President – Next Level Strategies, Inc.


Ian's a pro at enthusiastically showing business owners how to increase business relationship communication and value. His seminars (and book) have been an invaluable asset for the growth of my company.” - David Libby, President – Libby Communications, Inc.


"To say Ian has made a huge impact in both my personal and professional life, would be the biggest understatement. Words cannot express my gratitude to this man who has changed my approach and perceptions to life. I have a ton more clarity on how to better implement my purpose of impacting others. My ability to communicate, connect and impact others has skyrocketed to heights I didn't think possible. It also has helped me with my public speaking and ability to engage + connect with large crowds. Ian, you are the perfect blend of science and art. I am humbled and appreciative by your friendship and mentorship. Forever indebted, Thanks to the tools you’ve given me, I feel more fulfilled, productive, balanced, and outright happy than ever before." - Ed Diaz, Owner, Kuno Advisors, Past President National Hispanic Organization of Real Estate Associates, President, Founder, Director at Large – Bay Networking Group, Past CEO, P-Shift Mortgage Solutions


Mr. Blei blends a scientific, pragmatic and highly personalized approach to uncover (and strengthen) hidden potential for greater achievement. He follows a system that is intelligent, logical and intuitive to drive real results for individuals, couples or companies. I highly recommend Ian for executive performance coaching for sales driven organizations or high volume individuals interested in expanding market share - Optimized results delivers!!
- Kip Fuller., Owner Fuller Insurance Agency, San Francisco




Ian is a genius. He very humbly and tactfully takes your life into account, then rolls out a recipe for changing it - if that's what you want/need. With this feast or famine image in sight - you can't help but run out and buy the ingredients. Before long, you become the galloping gourmet.” - L. B., MarComm Director - Cisco




Ian is a fount of knowledge and perspective. He assists me and many I've seen in focusing, elevating and refining our work and personal relationships. This has lead to great successes in many arenas. I'd expect the same for anyone who works with him.” - Kevin Minney, Founder – Accelerated Recovery & Pain Prevention




"A multi-million dollar deal was falling apart before my eyes. I started using Ian’s communication tools and turned it around to close my biggest deal yet!" - Jeff A., Sales Director




"Powerfully engaging and fun interactive far the most lucid and succinct presentation of these tools and systems I've experienced.." - S. Warren, Executive Coach




"Ian's expertise and insight have really helped me get to know how I naturally interact with myself and others. This is so valuable because I no longer get irritated with the "small stuff" or with how others do things. Or, if I find myself getting irritated, I'm able to recognize this reaction, realize there is a different perspective, and remain calm. I no longer suffer from the tunnel vision of "MY way" and am now able to appreciate the beauty of how others think and operate. Realizing this = less stress for me!"


"More specifically, Ian provided the tools I can use in my personal relationship. Upon conflict, I turned off and shut down. This got me and my partner nowhere. But Ian has taught me that vulnerability is not scary, but rather a way to connect more deeply with people. Thanks to Ian, I am able to challenge myself to open up to my partner during more trying times. Again, realizing this = a happy and relaxed me!
If you're looking for the best you but having trouble finding him/her, have a conversation with Ian and you'll see a light of possibilities."
- Dr. Anjannette Price, S.F., CA



"Ian knows his stuff. He understands how people work, how they function and think and is very good at communicating. He has a system for everything. I am super amazed how organized and how he gets things done very efficiently.  Working with him helps me to understand how people respond and why they respond that way, so I can help difficult situations at work or at home to counter this and create more harmony around me. Whether it is about communication skills or how to create systems and be just more functional whatever you do.  He is a great coach and I highly recommend him to everyone who wants to understand themselves better, and create more harmony within your workplace or your home life." - K.G, Life and Relationship Coach, S.F., CA



"Working with Ian's method of self discovery has definitely made my husband and myself a lot clearer on how to build our business in a sustainable way. But there's an unexpected bonus. We have been together for 22 years and have always had a great relationship and a good sex life. But the self knowledge, inner confidence and deeper understanding of each other has created a quantum leap in our levels of sexual satisfaction and experimentation. Woohoo to self discovery!" - Jo Nemoyten and Ian Carruthers of FoolishTreeFilms




"Ian really helped lift me up at a low point in my career transition. I was ready to make a big leap again, but wasn't sure exactly what to do next, and time was running out. I was stressed. He introduced me to a system he developed, and as a former engineer, having a system appealed to me, and helped me feel more grounded. Within just a few days of using it, my perspective had shifted and I was more optimistic about the opportunities I wanted to pursue. It put me back in touch with my values, so that I could focus on the right opportunities. Shortly, I ended up with two fantastic interviews, one of which led to my dream job.

Ian is kind, smart, ethical, and inspiring, and I wholeheartedly recommend sitting down with him and listening with an open mind. I am forever grateful! - Christina M., Long Beach, CA




"I found myself singing high praise for Ian Blei this morning, as I was reflecting on my career/business. It was so humbling to move/start a business in San Francisco - a whirlwind of recession panic and out-of-control schedules. The typical day consisted of long hours, crisis management, and overwhelming stress. Coaching/Consulting is the sort of thing a person like me (in short, a finance industry suit who is all business) would not typically reach out for. But in  20/20 hindsight, it is easy to see the change Optimized Results made in my business.  Sometimes it's hard for a person to see their systematic weaknesses. Ian has a keen understanding for how operations are supposed to work. The best part is, he will help you focus on overcoming the bottleneck. 3 years later, my business is expanded, and I regularly use the tools I learned from our sessions. Thanks Ian!” - Ariana A., Director, Frazier Capital.




Ian helped me with specific confidence issues I was having with my work. I was undertaking a new profession that involved heavy sales tactics. I felt overwhelmed and doubted that I had the character to perform successfully. Ian helped me harness what I had within to do the work needed. He is extremely insightful and effective. I felt immediately comfortable with him and new that I could be honest about what I was feeling - including doubts about myself, which I have a hard time admitting - even to myself. He is a non-judgmental helper of humanity. I am already thinking of ways he can help in other areas of my life - like motherhood!!! Thank you Ian - I will be calling you soon!” - Tara U., Attorney, San Francisco  



I had the great privilege, honor and fun of completing a Personal Transformation course with Ian. Ian is a wise and creative guide in this process, illuminating the path with humor, clarity and boundless compassion. I was led to the coaching with Ian by my own personal interest in communicating better at work. What I gained was so much greater and deeper than improved communication - I completely shifted my approach from one of being constantly poised to do battle, to defend, to fight, to understanding how little my unconscious defenses were serving me. My interactions are immeasurably improved by what I learned with Ian, and I am more relaxed and successful than ever. Thank you!” - Ariane Trélaün, Associate Director – National Breast Cancer Fund


"Ian truly helps identify, focus, and align your resources for Optimized Results!" His work with our actors gave them so much more to work with, as well as improving the script! -Romanus Wolter, Director, Writer, Producer, Principal - the KickStart Guy, and author of "Kick Start Your Dream Business"


"If you are looking to identify, refine & magnify your brilliance, Ian's your guy! We are surrounded by a wide & wonderful assortment of dedicated Coaches, many of whom I've had the pleasure of working with/experiencing on some level. My decision to commit to Ian was made simple by HIS clarity & dedication to helping me unearth my WHOLE vision for growth & success. As a result, I am now living at levels of financial and emotional wealth like never before, not to mention, I laugh more than ever!" - Carey G., Branch Manager at First American TItle Company


Ian is a treasure. It is rare to find such a wealth of knowledge and experience that is so elegantly expressed in true care and service. Working with Ian, he helped me see the underlying framework that drives my personality, which unlocked hidden potentials and allowed me to step up in both career and relationship.

Specifically, I stepped into a primary lead role, running our workshops from the front of the room (something I'd feared and avoided for years.) I cannot recommend Ian enough if you have reached the point where you refuse to settle for less than expressing your total capacity as a human. Thanks Ian!” - Casey C., Consulting Mgr., Accenture




"Ian is the best guide ever. He will enlighten you; there is no unseeing once you have seen the light. All I can say is call Ian if you want to get out of the matrix! I learned about how to get out of the loops and blocks that I have built up over time and how to get out of problems more quickly. What you will learn is that those huge problems that you encounter in the road of life will become a small speed bumps. Ian will equip you with the tools you need to go above and beyond your potential. Don't pass this chance up!" - E. Hong, Animator/Illustrator  



"I completed Ian's four-month program earlier this year and it was money well invested. Ian uses the enneagram as a tool to help you better understand how you interact with the world and how others interact with you. He brought a wealth of information to each session and gave me practical ideas that I could use to navigate a challenging work situation.

He genuinely cares about his clients' wellbeing and success and is generous in sharing his time, attention and expertise. I would highly recommend working with Ian if you want to better understand how you operate and how you can adjust your behavior and outlook to achieve better outcomes. Work with Ian!" - Elizabeth P., VP, HR/Ops, Pocket Gems




Ian has been my Coach for over 20 years. He has guided me through countless numbers of issues in both my personal and professional lives. I have never had to question any of his guidance, as I am confident in his sincerity to help myself and others in any transition in their lives. I consider myself blessed to have the opportunity to interact with such a kind and honest human being with an insight compared to none. If it were possible to give Ian more than 5 stars, I certainly would. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to any person or organization in need of growth." - M. LeFeuvre, LMFT, Irvine, TX




"Not just a coach. A Guru. Ian is a wonderful mentor! He helped me find myself as he guided me to where I would like to be in the business, social and personal spheres of my life. He listens, he sees through and then he responds with the most amazing piece of advise explaining all the intricacies of human mind that trigger this or that type of behavior. Ian always sees a bigger picture.

It's amazing how his expertise makes him find the answer to any question you may have! The way his analytical mind and at the same time sensitive attitude interrelate in his approach to guiding people is just unbelievable! I am and will always be grateful for having met Ian as well as I do and will always recommend him as I can vouch for his professionalism and his ability to make a positively significant change in a person's life." - Aine L., Sr. Visual Designer, TomTom


"Being a coach myself, I am very choosy about who I hire to support me. I hired Ian at a difficult point in my journey when I was feeling anxious and out of touch with myself. He helped me dive under the "symptoms" that were showing up (confusion around my business, struggle in my relationship) to the root beliefs creating trouble for me.

He combines his extensive knowledge of integral theory, neuroscience, and more in a seamless way (truly a Grand Unifying Theory of Everything), and helps you apply this greater understanding to whatever matters to you. In his words, he helps you "build the trellis which you can hang any flower on that you choose." If you're a personal growth geek like me, talking with Ian is like being a kid in candy store. He's incredibly generous with his time and attention. After every session you get a customized module that gives you  practices and perspectives specific to you that will help you evolve. He is a humble genius at what he does. Ian is a coach's coach." - Peter R., Relationship Coach, Berkeley, CA




Ian does great work. Gave me a whole new perspective on what I value and how I define wealth...its so not all about the material world. What I really like about how Ian works is that he provides specific tasks where I have to do work...write things done, not just think about's a great tool for gaining perspectives and seeing how I operate in patterns. Once aware of the patterns, I have a chance at changing the ones that aren't working well for me. I highly recommend working with Ian.” - S. Kladder, Lewis & Kladder Design




"Ian’s energy and enthusiasm are wonderfully contagious! If you’ve lost your way, he’ll give you direction. If you’re wobbly on confidence, he’ll set you straight. Lacking a plan? He’ll help you create a plan that’s exactly right for you and your company. Ian knows business and Ian knows people. Putting those two areas of knowledge together allows him to quickly get to the heart of the matter, figure out what must be done and how best to do it, and then guide you to actually achieve those desired results! What seems like magic is actually an abundance of intelligence and intuition. Sign up with Ian, and you’re in for a profoundly life-changing experience!" - Jane Ransom, Owner – Hypnotherapy That Works!


Ian’s expertise is exceptional in personal and organizational development. The Integral Enneagram model that he has developed is revolutionary. As a coach and consultant, Ian is able to create rapport immediately through his ultra-creative and personable approach, generating insights and value for them drawn from his vast knowledge and ability to quickly get to the core issues. Highly, highly recommended for anyone who feels like they are spinning their wheels and can't get to the root-cause.” -Kris Surroy, President – Wisdom Consulting, Inc.




Ian has a way of inspiring new ways of thinking before you know you're doing it.  They are your own thoughts and revelations that were hidden beneath the surface, waiting to bubble up looking for fresh air.  Ian Blei is that fresh air." - M. Miller - Pre-Paid Legal Services




Ian Blei at Optimized Results is a lifesaver!  His unique approach in helping you identify and define your unique skill sets and how you work best in the world - both personally and professionally - provide solutions to getting past whatever blocks you are facing like no other program I've ever encountered.  As someone with all the tools available to me to be successful in life - the skills, intelligence and personality to make good things happen - but who had not yet even come close to reaching my potential, I have finally found the resource to help me soar!  Ian is like no one else, and has helped businesses and individuals blossom and grow into all they can be like no other professional I've ever encountered. I recommend him as resource for ANYONE and EVERYONE who wants/needs to reach their true potential.  Bless you Ian!” - Kellie M. – Half Moon Bay, CA




"Ian helps you develop your individual tool box for the ups and downs of life. Recognizing and understanding the strengths I have to call upon and weaknesses to put aside in times of change or conflict or big decisions. We focused on communication, my personal style and how I communicate with the important people in my life. I continue to benefit from my work with Ian and expect to for the rest of my life!" - B.B., Realtor and Marketing Director, San Francisco  



"I've been around, and had tried therapy and things like that, but what Ian offered looked uniquely deep and results-oriented. I met with him and am happy that I did. One is never too old to learn something new and positive! I especially like that Ian really invests in his clients. He is a champion at going the extra mile. I realized he was thinking about my concerns in between sessions and bringing the results into my next meeting. It was rather like ordering apple pie and having the baker add ice cream on top while you weren't looking! - Elaine M. Menlo Park, CA



  In the time I worked with Ian I experienced a revolutionary shift for the better in my business, personal life, and the entire way I conceptualized the world around me. In the first month I worked with Ian I doubled the business I was doing in my Insurance Agency. Every single consecutive month that followed I doubled my business again. He helped me focus my energies on efforts that paid off rather than ones that made me feel productive but in fact produced nothing. He made me effective in every facet of my business. While focusing on my business Ian helped me raise important questions about my personal life. Through these questions I experienced a profound transformation in my relationship with my partner, shifting it from a stagnant, emotionally frozen status quo to an engaging, enriching, life giving force.  
He helped me make space in my life for wellness; a sane exercise regiment, balanced approach to eating, and I've lost weight! He helped me discover and rediscover my personal values and strengths and then helped me integrate those values and strengths into the way I engage with the world, both professionally and personally. Work with Ian, do whatever you need to do to get in his chair. Your life will never be the same.”
- Travis Kennedy, Farmer’s Insurance Agency – San Francisco, CA.



Ian's process isn't just open-ended. You have goals and benchmarks, and goals are revisited so you don't go off on tangents. Each week Ian gives you reading material that he prepares based on where you are, and gives you direction on how to organize your thoughts and goals. When you're done with the program you have a binder full of personalized reading, a structure for daily journaling to keep you on track and the beginning of your journal so you can look back and see what you've accomplished and how you're evolving.

What's so valuable about Ian's approach is that it's totally personalized to how you work best and what your natural strengths are. If you think that working with a Life/Business Coach is going to be a 'rah rah' session where you get artificially pumped up, that's not how Ian works. Through Ian's skillful and perceptive analysis of my natural strengths and weakness' Ian designed an approach that works for me, got me out of survival and stress mode, and into thoughtful planned action and ease! For the first time in several years as a small business owner, I feel un-stressed and confident! Wow. Plus he totally goes over and above to give you 110% of the value of the services that you're paying for. Thanks, Ian!" -
Dr. Christine Cantwell, DC – SF, CA

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