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I use a multi-faceted, integrated approach for maximum impact.  Depending upon your needs, we'll focus on communication and habit re-forming to enable you to achieve your best. 


The Process:
The actual science behind most of the work is in creating new, specific neural pathways.  You already have neural pathways that are like the trampled down underbrush of a well-worn path you’ve traveled your whole life.  When you think in a certain “chain of events,” or have memories that are attached to certain smells, etc. the same neurons fire in the same area of your brain, and eventually it takes very little stimulus for that neural exchange to take place.  This is what becomes a “habit.”  This is also what becomes reactive behavior, “auto-pilot” behavior, and often the kind of thing you realize later that you did, and often regret.

To change this, you need to first create a new pathway, and then spend some time trampling down the same amount of underbrush, so the new path becomes just as easy for the neurons to travel on as the old path.  This is the gist of our form of “Coaching Practices” in a nutshell.  It is a form of re-training your mind and your feelings, and your body, to respond in a different manner than they have in the past.

When victims of stroke or brain injury lose a portion of their brain, they can re-train another portion of their brain to take over those functions.  That means you certainly can re-train your own brain to react differently to a stimulus that usually makes you “jump thru hoops.”  This is where we are going to start working on what I call “Component Perspective Integration.”  (see the Integram description below.)  We are going to get to know your component perspectives from the inside out, and so well, that they will not be hidden unconscious drivers anymore.  You will know exactly who is saying what, what their agenda is, and whether it fits with yours or not.

Furthermore, you will be able to recognize what part of you is reacting to something, and what part is not, then with a differential analysis, identify the exact trigger, so you can process and be in charge.  Finally, you will develop the skill set to approach that trigger (event/person/whatever) fully within the “part of you” that is not reactive, and move through the experience unscathed, present, and in complete charge of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.


Communication Portion:

To put the concept in its simplest terms, we show you the "Keys" to your communication "lock."
When this Key is used, communication is freer, more efficient, and effective.


Optimized Results does this through revealing the lens through which you, your team, your partner, or whoever is involved, take in and sort information.  Understanding how these lenses affect our communication, and using that information as a master decoder, I help individuals, couples, teams, and organizations achieve freer, more effective communication.


To understand these lenses, we work with a unique model called the Integram  (my proprietary Integral system encompassing Cognitive Linguistics, Hermeneutics, Spiral Dynamics, the Enneagram, and many other disciplines).  This enables everyone to phenomenally enhance their level of communication. 


Working with individuals, couples, teams, and organizations, I'll help you find and apply the Keys to everyone's communication locks.


We use the Integral Enneagram or Integram   as an Assessment Technology and a Communication Key, that enables everyone to phenomenally enhance their level of communication.   When miscues, misunderstandings, and conflict are replaced by clarity and a pragmatic understanding of the real value of different perspectives, the amount of time, money and energy saved is astounding.


Unanimous success for everyone who has completed the process speaks to its effectiveness.


One component in my system (the Enneagram) is over 2000 years old, and is currently being taught at Stanford, Harvard, and the Wharton School of Business, as its applications are only now getting fully explored. The Integram   is far more accurate and detailed than its Enneagram component alone, and yet even that part is enough for many organizations to embrace it.  Some of these organizations currently  using the Enneagram component in coaching, training programs, communication,  conflict resolution, leadership  development, and organizational  change initiatives are the Walt  Disney Company, Motorola, Silicon  Graphics, the CIA, Kaiser  Permanente Research Center, the  Federal Reserve Bank, VLSI  Technology, and many others  around the world.  How about you?


There are a vast number of  applications for an Integral Enneagram in every field.  In Sales, it helps people to improve their interactions  and relationships through enhanced  communication, while minimizing their own worldview-based limitations and roadblocks.  In writing, whether for performance or books, the Enneagram is used for developing cohesive characters, who maintain their continuity of character throughout changing circumstances.


Unlike most personality typing systems which strive to understand through observable behavior, the Integram provides a thorough foundation for understanding why people behave or communicate the ways that they do.


Our programs include a guided Assessment as part of the curricula.  Assessments can be tricky, as state of mind and self-awareness greatly affect your perceptions, so it helps to have some guidance.


What Is the Enneagram?


Integral Enneagram Self Assessment









"…Incredibly creative, yet pragmatic solutions came so easily, and in such a fun process, we did far more in 2 hours than what had taken  weeks with other consultants."

-- Clifford Waldeck, Waldeck's Office Supplies


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