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Optimized Results includes the specialized services of other companies and individuals with whom I've developed professional relationships. Our goal is to get you the best, most tailored and appropriate service possible. Business categories are listed below:



Architecture - Organic/Environmental and Information

Artists, Graphic Design


Computers and IT Consulting

Couriers / Deliveries

Financial - Valuation, Re-financing, Wealth Building

Graphic Design / Copy




Marketing Consulting

Organizational Consulting



Real Estate

Small Business Consulting and Accounting Systems

Team Building

Web Site Design







John P. Wales, CPA

John takes his clients' finances seriously.  Knowing that a business owner cannot know where they are without clean and thorough accounting, he takes pride in providing expert advice in tax matters along with accounting principles, and timely work.

Get in touch with John at 415-986-1120 or

email John



Architecture - Organic/Environmental and Information

Stephanie Wong - Geddes Ulinskas

Geddes Ulinskas Architectecture has a remarkably Art Centric perspective.  The beautiful watercolor renderings of their proposed designs brings so much more to you than a computer generated image ever could.  Elements like spiral staircases become free-standing sculptural elements.  And beyond the pure beauty of their work, Stephanie, Geddes, and Adele are joyfully collaborative in their style of working, making every project a joy from beginning to end.

Get in touch with Stephanie at (415) 904-0483 or

email Stephanie



Sven Lavine - Sven Lavine Architecture

Sven's goal is to create space that is harmonious; all of the elements in balance with each other, and in overall balance with the life you want to lead there.  Sven first gains a thorough understanding of your needs and aspirations, and then ensures that all members of the design and building team accomplish their best work for you.

Get in touch with Sven at (415) 647-7061 or

email Sven



Artists - Painters, Graphic Design

Dawn Mandle
Fine Arts meets Web Design and Programming.


Dawn took the ideas from my head, along with sketches, photographs, and conversation, to create almost all the graphic elements on this web site.  Take a look at her web site to be amazed.

Get in touch with Dawn:
email Dawn

Cynthia Tom
Brilliant Surrealism and Sociological Reflection in multiple dimensions.
Cynthia creates her artwork with a variety of mediums, primarily acrylics.  She develops her paintings largely from psychological inspiration.  Often, a symbol, an image, or a phrase will begin her creative art process.  Each painting develops like the telling of a story, and her use of intense colors and ethereal use of perspective has become her trademark.
She is a seeker and philosopher about issues in her life, her ancestors and her community of women. Symbols, cues and clues fill her work, which has been described as "Cultural Surrealism

Get in touch with Cynthia at (415) 564-1864 or

email Cynthia






Optimized Results of course!

Contact Ian Blei at:




Kiran Gaind
The Connected Family - Parenting with Purpose

Kiran specializes in working with new mothers and parents to bring their true visions to life. Through her blog, private coaching sessions, New Mom's Circles, workshops, telecalls and books, she supports her clients to develop themselves in order to live their most satisfying lives. She can work with anyone, anywhere: in person, on the phone and using video. As a mother of two small children herself, Kiran is particularly passionate about serving new parents to explore and address the types of issues (including family-work-life balance, identity and career shifts, staying fit and healthy, sustaining their primary relationship, authentic parenting, positive discipline, simplifying lifestyle, choosing schools, pursuing interests and passions, time management) which commonly arise with the transition to life with children.

Get in touch with Kiran at 650-308-9425
email Kiran
's Web Site





Computers and IT Consulting

Michael Shannon - Proactive Network Consulting

ProActive Networking Consulting has been providing hassle-free computer technology planning, execution and support in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1997. ProActive Network Consulting is available 24 hours a day 7 days week for ther business customers seeking a responsive technology partner. They strive to prevent problems before they disrupt your business. ProActive appeals to the distinct concerns of the business leader, the office manager, and IT administrator. They address the leader’s concerns that they have the right technology in place and are making the right decisions when it comes to their computer network. They prevent the office manager from becoming overwhelmed by the demands of maintaining technology and they assure the technology will enhance end user productivity. They complement the IT administrator by combining their expertise with their intimate knowledge of the environment.

Get in touch with Mike

Proactive site


Tierra Technology

Hassle-free IT

Tierra Technology designs, builds, and supports elegant network solutions for companies and professional firms. As your technology partner, Tierra Technology has no exclusive partnerships that would undermine their ability to recommend the best solutions at the best prices.  I can personally attest to their ability and skill.  When my fried motherboard threatened a total loss of everything on my hard drive, they had all my data available (via FTP) within 2 hours.  For a major player in the IT consulting space, you'll be amazed at how personally and personably you'll be treated.

Get in touch with Tierra Technology

Tierra Technology's Site






Couriers / Deliveries

King Courier - Andrew Brady & Steve Buford

From a one page document to a 200 pound box, King Courier can get your deliveries across town or across the Bay faster than you can get Fed Ex on the phone.  Unanimous praise from every customer is the hard won reputation they proudly wear.

Get in touch with Andrew or Steve
email King Courier
web site





Financial:  Planning

Kristie Cahill , CFP®, CEP®
Wealth Advisor - Opes Advisors, Inc.

Kristie has been helping individuals to realize their goals and dreams for over 13 years by developing personalized financial plans based on really listening to her clients, and having the knowledge and skills to match plans to needs. She strives to simplify her clients' lives while helping them address their goals. Areas of focus include investment management, retirement planning, college planning and charitable gifting strategies.

Kristie brings a rare blend of intelligence, savvy, and compassion, which explains her fantastic listening skills.  She's also an absolute "get it done" kind of person who you can count on to always put in that extra mile.

Get in touch with Kristie at 415-343-6774 or
email Kristie
Web Site



Brian Foster , CFP®, CRPC®
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Brian believes that success should be measured not just by your financial well-being, but by how confident you feel about your future. His mission is to help you reach your financial goals through a personal relationship based on personalized, knowledgeable advice.

His specialties include: Personal financial planning for retirement, education funding, tax management strategies, protection planning/family security and wealth preservation strategies.

What really makes Brian stand out from the crowd is his ability to take complicated and often "dry" financial information, and present it in an exceptionally accessible way, so that you really understand and can make informed choices.

Get in touch with Brian at 415-395-2478 or
email Brian
Web Site



Harrison Lazarus Advisors, Inc. - Giving Life to Your Finances

As a boutique financial counseling firm, Harrison Lazarus Advisors provides you with a personalized plan and unparalleled customer service, without overhead costs and commissions that other advisors will pass on to you. Our financial planning process maximizes all aspects of your economic health by integrating investment, tax, insurance, and estate advice with our Top 10 Financial™, a successful and thorough 10-point program

Get in touch with Harrison at 415-830-5244 or

email Harrison
Harrison's Web Site



Ariana Arredondo - Frazier Capital Valuation

Ariana provides appraisal services in the disciplines of business valuation, commercial real estate, and equipment.  She is brilliant, detail oriented and thorough beyond compare.

Get in touch with Ariana at 415-239-3998 or

email Ariana
Web Site







Graphic Design - Print and Web

Caroline James - Big Mango

Caroline specializes in crafting artful, on-target graphic and web design solutions for individual entrepreneurs, small businesses, e-commerce companies and larger corporations.  Caroline works with all manner of clients from fine art painters and photographers to software designers and real estate developers, and more.  Her forte is finding just the right visual expression in collateral materials and virtual environments that communicates your message simply and easily, properly positions your product or service, and gets you results.

Contact Caroline at: 415.506.4002

email Caroline
Web Site






Jane Ransom, MA, M.Ht. - Hypnotherapy That Works

If you've ever suspected that you're not getting the absolute most out of life, or missing opportunities to be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled, you need to call Jane, and start getting a handle on your own subconscious drives. 

Jane is exceptionally knowledgeable, professional, and downright talented.  Do yourself the favor of making an appointment, and find out just how much more effective you can be.

Contact Jane at: 415.341.7888

email Jane
Web Site






Tyce Fields - Farmer's Insurance
The Fields Agency

If you're tired of the interchangeable nature of the average insurance agent, Tyce will be a refreshing change.  He's a bona fide good-guy, family man, with a value system that's easy to feel aligned with, and a very multi-dimensional, rich set of interests including everything from theater and music to wine tasting and sports.  Along with his extensive knowledge of the industry and how to best match your needs to what's available on the market, Tyce sets himself apart with a significant personal touch: he truly cares about his clients and he really listens.  Tyce understands what people are concerned about, and will work tirelessly to help them protect, preserve and grow their assets.

Get in touch with Tyce at 650-931-8616 or
email Tyce
LinkedIn Profile




Wendy McLaughlin, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®
New York Life Insurance

Wendy helps people plan for retirement and a whole lot more. She discusses with you how much to save and how to make sure you don't outlive your savings.  She helps people plan for their kids to go to college; choosing the best investments and figuring out how much to save to reach their goals.  She helps people figure out how much life insurance they need and what type of insurance is best for them. She explains and shows different types of long term care insurance.  Wendy has been an insurance agent and registered representative since 1987, and prides herself on good service, hand holding, education, and honest opinions.

Wendy's specialties include Long Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Care reform information, and Annuities.

Get in touch with Wendy at 650-355-6610 or
email Wendy
Wendy's Site










Deepa Menon - Law Office of Deepa Menon / Family Law

Deepa is interested in alternate models of handling family law matters, including collaborative divorce, "divorce coaching," and helping self-represented litigants.  She also works with family formation, including adoptions, guardianships, and surrogacy agreements.  Deepa has a unique and humane approach to a difficult and stressful time for people; truly pursuing what is most cost-effective and offers her clients peace of mind and a sense of self-determination.

Contact Deepa at 415-294-0303 or

email Deepa
Web Site





Richard Beckman - Beckman, Marquez & Dowling, LLP / Real Estate


Beckman, Marquez, and Dowling is a California real estate law firm with over 40 years experience.  They're experts in all matters of landlord tenant law; both residential and commercial.  From lease drafting, analysis and enforcement of lease agreements, to defending wrongful evictions - they've seen it and done it.

They've assisted clients in every aspect of buying, selling, owning, using, and disputing, real property. From appraisal and boundary disputes to zoning issues, if they can't help you, they'll find someone who can.  Contact Richard at: 415.495.8500 or

email Richard

Web Site




Jaime C. Uziel - Sheppard, Rosen, Uziel and Sussman Law Firm, LLP


Jaime Uziel specializes in real estate, landlord-tenant, premises liability, business contract disputes, and general civil liability cases. He has been a licensed California real estate agent since 1990.

Jaime Uziel is an experienced litigator in the fields of real estate law, landlord-tenant law, rent control law, premises liability, landlord liability, business, contract disputes, zoning and land-use matters, and tort and personal injury claims.

email Jaime

Jaime's Site




Marketing Consulting

Allison Bliss Consulting
Allison Bliss Consulting offers business consulting and marketing services to CEO’s, business owners and independent professionals helping them find key markets to increase clientelea "Business Evaluation: Knowledge is Bliss" service that brings pages of testimonials for use on websites or other promotional materials, and besides consulting packages, the company has the best sales and marketing tools under $20 for sale on their website

email Allison
phone: 510.864.8500
fax: 510.864.8501





Professional Organizing

Smart Puzzle
Serena Fuchs brings her combination of experience teaching, speaking, conducting research, and working with various industries from industrial manufacturing to biotech. Her education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California, San Diego, a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of California San Diego, a Master of Science in Nutrition from the University of Hawaii, and a Certificate in Integrated Marketing from Oakton Community College in Illinois. Ms. Fuchs draws on a wide breadth of skills to bring customized, take-action oriented processes to Smart Puzzle Inc.’s time management and effectiveness training services.

email Serena
phone: 408.333.9390
fax: 650.618.2703






Sam Pinfold - On The Mark Graphics, Printing, & Mailing Co.
When it has to be right the first time

Full color printing and direct mail is just a part of what they offer.  On The Mark is a leader in the industry as your integrated printing, marketing, and direct mail partner.   Fast turnaround, exceptional quality, discount printing prices, and experience make On The Mark the one call you need to make for all your printing and graphic needs.  Sam makes you look good on paper.  He's a printer.

call Sam at: 415.621.2312

email Sam
web site




Real Estate

Maggie Visser - Paragon Real Estate

Maggie is all about excellence; it's the driving force in her life. Whether it's at work, with family or friends, or competing in a race, she loves doing her best. As an accomplished athlete, Maggie uses the thinks she's learned through running to achieve excellence in all other aspects of her life.  She sets high goals, does what she loves, works hard, and is always open to learning how to be even better.

Maggie's always been inspired by buildings.  She came into the real estate field via urban planning and civil engineering, as well as growing up with a home-building dad.  Maggie has fantastic listening skills, devotion to customer service, attention to detail, and respect for deadlines.  these are all vital qualities in any real estate transaction.  Her business approach is direct: she listens to her clients' needs, helps map out the right path to achieve their goals, and negotiates the best possible deal on their behalf, always placing their interests first in every transaction.

Call Maggie at 415-793-3470 or

email Maggie
Maggie's Site



Kelly Kang - Paragon Real Estate

Kelly comes to real estate by way of her previous life as an attorney, thus bringing far more to the table than your average realtor.  As a litigation associate at Ernest Brown & Company, Kelly focused on providing construction litigation support including bids for public work projects, contracts, dispute resolution, and litigation.  Now, as a Paragon agent, she looks out for your best interests. First as a great listener, and then working with you to develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals.  Knowing how complicated and detailed buying or selling a home can be, having someone with Kelly's abilities could make all the difference for you

Call Kelly at 415-912-6589 or

email Kelly
Kelly's Site





Small Business Consulting and Accounting Systems

Mary Ann Wetzork - Consulting Controller
When you need Professional Financial Services between Bookkeeper and C.P.A.  Everything from Financial Forensics, to Quickbooks implementation and training.  Mary Ann is also a licensed affiliate of the One-Page Business Plan Company.

email Mary Ann
phone: 510.522.4010
fax: 510.522.3724





Team Building

Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts
Teambuilding Scavenger Hunts/Treasure Hunts for Team Communication

Dr. Clue's business-focused
teambuilding exercises use a fun treasure hunt model to explore substantive organizational issues. Challenging clues, tricky puzzles and teambuilding lessons transforming the activity into a sophisticated and challenging business simulation game
-- on the streets of the world's most interesting neighborhoods.

Dave Blum

email Dave


phone: 415.566.3905

fax: 415.358.5691




Web Site Design

Tim Johnson Design
As a graphic designer Tim has over 20 years in the field. He began working online over 10 years ago. He has been in his own design business for the last 5.  Few people can get as excited as Tim about fonts or widgets, and that's exactly who you want working on your site.  Tim is a Wordpress master; if you want to use your site to create continuously fresh content with a blog, but don't want it to necessarily look like a blog, Tim's your guy.

Contact Tim at 415-717-7889 or

email Tim








Rebecca Fettig - Acupuncture
Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine

With 15 years of experience in western and alternative medicine, Rebecca Fettig L.Ac. MS brings an integrative perspective on health and healing. Your individual needs are met with a customized treatment plan that allows your body to transform into an ultimate state of wellness.  We use Traditional Chinese medicine healing modalities: acupuncture, herbal therapy, tui na massage, nutrition, and qi gong (pronounced "chee" gong) a movement meditation.  Our specialties include pain management and autoimmune conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto's thyroiditis - hypothyroiditism, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, Crohn's disease, and others.

email Rebecca
phone: 415.641.1939
Golden Point web site



Joselle Gacusan - Personal Trainer & Certified Massage Therapist

Joselle is a phenomenal Personal Trainer and a
Certified Massage Therapist specializing in Deep Tissue, Sports, and Swedish Massage.  On the Personal Training side, she obtained a B.S.  in Exercise Science and Pre-Physical Therapy from Marymount University, where she was a member of both the women's lacrosse and soccer teams.  As a lifelong athlete, she's learned to be self-motivated and knows what it takes to provide you the tools to optimize your health.  

On the massage therapy side, she customizes each massage for the individual client’s needs with a very holistic approach. What sets her apart from her competition is her 7 years of experience in the healthcare field including physical therapy offices, sports facilities, and personal training studios.

Joselle treats every client as if they were her best client and really listens to why they are seeking therapy to get to the root of the problem. As a result, her clients have intense loyalty and always come back to her.

email Joselle
phone: 703.307.8391



Giovanna Garcia - Nutritionist & Personal Chef

Giovanna Garcia is a Nutritionist [Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences - University of Arizona] and Certified Natural Chef [Bauman College]. Giovanna believes that food is the base of health and that what we eat directly affects our mood, thoughts, focus, and energy level. Giovanna provides the tools for you to use whole unrefined foods to live and sustain a healthy lifestyle. She feels that if we nourish our body with the right foods, we can prevent health issues occurring in the first place. Her goal is to educate busy individuals like you to obtain and sustain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Giovanna is an inspiration who lives her values and illustrates her credo that Life is a gift, and that we should live every day enjoying the things we do while respecting ourselves.  Giovanna brings an aesthetic often missing in the nutrition world. The typical notions are of a dry, boring, flavorless, humorless, plain-Jane lifestyle.  She brings a fun, tasty, beautiful presentation to the mix, which in my opinion is what the industry needs to gain mainstream popularity.  We can all eat healthier, without compromise.

email Giovanna
phone: 520.313.4437



Dr. Anjannette Price, DC - San Francisco Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Dr. Anjannette Price
provides a high level of quality service supporting individuals suffering from varying degrees of pain and discomfort, right in the heart of the Castro District in San Francisco.  She is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West where she dedicated her specialty to Upper Cervical Chiropractic work.  Anjannette’s passion is illustrated by her participation in annual international Chiropractic trips providing free care for communities in need (most recently in El Salvador as part of a team that helped more than 10,000 people.)

Upper Cervical specialized chiropractic focuses on the primary connection between your brain and the spine, nerves, and the rest of the body.  This specialized form of care offers a medication-free, non-invasive approach to health allowing the body to heal naturally on its own.

This specialized chiropractic care helps you achieve optimal function and overall wellness, as a noninvasive, medication-free approach to healthcare.  Upper Cervical Chiropractic allows the body to heal naturally on its own, and goes to the root cause of problems rather than symptoms, which can often be misleading. 

email Anjanette


phone: 415.823.9707




Dr. Christine Cantwell, DC - Chiropractic

Dr. Christine Cantwell, DC provides gentle and effective chiropractic care for the whole family. She is a principled and vitalistic Chiropractor with a focus on caring for pregnant families, babies, children, and teenagers.

She has a passion for developing her art through ongoing learning as a staff member of BioGeometric Integration, and has served families in California, Brazil, El Salvador, India, and New Zealand.  Now located in S.F., and the East Bay, Christine is incredibly tuned in to your physiology and how everything connects to create balance and harmony.

email Christine

phone: 415.374.6676




Kevin Minney - Bowenwork
An amazingly effective system that helps the body to remember how to heal and recover.

An internationally acclaimed hands-on healing modality,
Bowenwork™ accelerates pain relief and recovery from injuries and illness.  Feel better faster than you ever thought possible.

Kevin Minney

email Kevin


phone: 925.944.5515

Kevin offers Bowenwork™ sessions and is one of only nine U.S. Bowen instructors



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"…the fastest, easiest, most results-oriented consulting programs I've ever seen…"
---Dawn Mandle, Founder and Owner - Visual Planets








"…Ian provided us with a new way to examine our production methods, enabling us to quantify the value of our time, and adjust our procedures to increase profitability across our entire product line, almost overnight!…"

--Dave Berman, VP Sales & Marketing, Jessicurl








"...Thanks so much for the Couples Session.  It just nailed us to a tee, and we're doing great now!  Understanding each others' different approach makes a huge difference.."

--D.B., San Francisco, CA








"…working with Ian saved my company thousands upon thousands of dollars in my time and through better decision making.  His consulting has been invaluable to me."

---Shannon Seek, Principal - Seek Solutions and Author of The Organic Organizing Matrix







"...The skills you taught me have played a large role in my snowballing success."

--Doug Workmaster, Workmaster Photographic Studio









"…I thought it was going to be another one of those touchy-feely, no result processes. To my great surprise I left with practical communication tools, and I'm using them already.
I would recommend this process to anyone who needs to communicate better with the many different people in their lives - both work and personal…"

--Keith M., IBM, San Francisco, CA







"…We went from wondering if we could afford to even keep the doors open, to having one of the top producing locations in the country."

--Michele Lockey, District Manager - Copymat - CPI Corporation









"…Ian has the unique ability to see exactly what's going on in your business, assess what's working and what's not, immediately.  Better still, he helps you implement the changes needed with ease and a sense of joy that makes the process effortless."

--David Nadel, Owner - Ashkenaz Music and Dance Cafe





 “...we went from conflict and confusion to effective and in charge in just one workshop... Wow!

 ---C. H. E. - Portland, OR






"…Incredibly creative, yet pragmatic solutions came so easily, and in such a fun process, we did far more in 2 hours than what had taken weeks with other consultants."

-- Clifford Waldeck, Waldeck's Office Supplies






"…Within two sessions, they produced results paying for their services tenfold, with no downtime. It was a fun process, concentrating on maximizing the positives rather than focusing on negatives. It’s costing you money not to work with Ian!"

-- William Holt, Director - the Meta Institute






"…Rather than simply revising processes, Mr. Blei has revolutionized them, resulting in benefits and savings that will continue well into the future…"

--Brian Thiele, VP -Bank of America






"…I first saw Mr. Blei speak when I was just about to start my business.  His methods of building a successful business showed me that to be effective I didn't have to recreate the lackluster and inflexible workplaces I had left to start my own business.  He inspired me to create the kind of business I envision, the kind of organic business I feel and know will be successful.  Thank you!…"

--Janine Hunn, Principal Designer and Owner - Jixiki






"...Powerfully engaging and fun interactive learning...by far the most lucid and succinct presentation of these tools and systems I've experienced.."

--Sylvia Warren, Executive Coach -  Simply the Best Coaching






"...Thank you very, very much for a really great presentation.  I have never had such an accessible and credible introduction to the Enneagram.  I had no idea that it was such a sophisticated tool for understanding human beings.  I'm hooked..."

    --Jeff Bell, Willow Bend






"...You offered the material in a way that makes it immediately accessible and very valuable as a tool...an elegant and eloquent job of communicating the peacemaking possibilities of the Enneagram to the group!"

--Barbara Wieland-Mark, PhD., Founder of Full Circle Institute and President of the International Association of Coaches






"…Ian provided us with a new way to examine our production methods, enabling us to quantify the value of our time, and adjust our procedures to increase profitability across our entire product line, almost overnight!…"

--Dave Berman, VP Sales & Marketing, Jessicurl






"...After just one session, my partner and I were able to move through conflict in a non-blaming and curious way, eager to explore how our innate differences worked in our relationship...As a psychotherapist, I would recommend this process to the couples I see for relationship therapy..."

--Shari Levine, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Portland, OR






"…We went from wondering if we could afford to even keep the doors open, to having one of the top producing locations in the country."

--Michele Lockey, District Manager - Copymat - CPI Corporation






"Ian Blei shares his deep insights in simple and straightforward ways.  His work continues to inspire me whenever I feel I'm getting stuck in some area of my life."

--Roy King, III, Founder and Director of the Social Enterprise Group






"If you are interested in success, whether it is in running a large organization, a small business, or leading a satisfying life, you will find a right blend of rules, wisdom and wit in a digestible fashion that will serve to accomplish your objectives. The notion that kindness can be blended with ambition and made to work and serve the "bottom line" is enlightening, uplifting and satisfying."

--Steven Kiefel, CEO, Red Pill Media






"You don't have to be a cutthroat competitor to rise to the top...Ian Blei shows you how to be nice and finish first."

--Rachel Moser, Editor, Women's Day Magazine



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