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Optimized Results does One-on-One or Team Coaching designed to help you set and achieve the goals that will bring you success. See how to maximize your strengths, avoid dead-end endeavors, and get the most from your relationships, through incredible communication and understanding of why we relate the ways we do. 

You'll learn to access an optimal state of mind and core emotional intelligence skills. The results are increased self-awareness and self-mastery, greater alignment of personal values with actions, more engagement and productivity at work and beyond, greater resilience, and a sense of overall well-being and thriving.

I coach and consult leadership, management, and organizational effectiveness through enhanced communication processes and self-directed behavioral modification.  By teaching the methodology underneath the processes, we can make a sustainable positive impact in each and every workplace we touch, and ensure self-correcting, adaptive individuals and organizations.

In other words, rather than wasting time on the ripples, we go straight for the pebble - you.

We work with all levels of an organization; primarily with managers from mid- to senior level. Titles can range from manager and senior manager to director, VP, and SVP. We also coach at the executive level such as EVPs, C-level executives, and Executive Directors, depending on the size of the organization, and desired outcome.

Our clients have real-world issues to tackle, including:

  • Behavioral styles that previously worked in the past becoming barriers to future success.

  • Motivating teams while managing budgets.

  • Not having a “safe” sounding board to talk and brainstorm with at work.

  • Wanting to create more work/life balance, without losing their high-potential status at work.

  • Accurately assessing workloads and commitments for themselves and their teams.

  • Finding a balance between micro-managing and abdicating overall controls.

  • Managing and organizing time and environment.

Do you or any of your managers face these issues?

We can help.  There are many ways to get Optimized Results.  Here are the most popular programs offered for Individuals, Couples, and Teams:

Dynamic Exploration Sessions

90 minutes usually
The Dynamic Exploration Session is designed to identify and explore your Internal Operating System, (IOS) which directs and determines how you respond to everything and everyone in your life. You’ll discover how this flow has impacted your life, and how you can be in command of it going forward. You’ll also discover how everyone else’s IOS interacts with yours, and how to minimize conflict while maximizing connection. You’ll walk away with real tools for shifting and creating good habits that serve you, and taking you where you want to be. Please contact Ian Blei with questions, or to schedule, click here.


Individual & Follow-Up Stand-Alone Coaching Sessions

1 Hour or 90 Minute Sessions

Optimal for situational or circumstantial issues (coping strategies and triage) or when you're not quite ready for embarking on a journey of personal evolution.  You can address specific challenges in your life, gaining new resources, without a full operating system upgrade.

Please contact me with questions, or to schedule click here.


Individual Monthly Packages: Month-to-Month

Entry level for when you are dealing with more complex issues than can be dealt with in a single session.  This is where you begin to learn about the tools you have and how to apply them.  Please contact me with questions, or to schedule.


Personal Re-Engineering Package (PRP)

For those serious about living their lives differently.  Based on the processes of re-engineering, you are the organization that will undergo change.  This program helps you by working together through multiple cycles of change, results, and measurement.  Rather than just dealing with things in-the-moment, this is a program with "coursework," exercises, and homework that teach you skills to walk away with and use.  [16-week program] Please contact me with questions, or to schedule.


Transformational Self-Mastery (TSM)

An in-depth, comprehensive program designed to guide you through major transformational shifts in your approach to everything in your life.  This is the path out of a life ruled by fixation, compulsion, and auto-pilot habits.  The process works through multiple cycles of process and ever deepening layers, to take you to a place where you can choose new end-points, new desired outcomes, choose the right tools, and get the results you want. Taking you even further than the Personal Re-Engineering Program, the ITC is like "black belt" training.  [26-week program]

Typical areas covered include:
  • Anger (liberation from)
  • Authenticity
  • Boundaries
  • Communications
  • Consciousness/Mindfulness
  • Creativity and Opening
  • Leadership/Power/Management
  • Personal Performance and Growth
  • Relationships
  • Self-Talk

You can read a full article on Transformational Self-Mastery HERE.


Part of the unique proprietary system we use in our Transformational work includes the following:


An Integram (Integral Enneagram) Assessment at the very start of your coaching program.  This assessment illuminates your communication, relationship, and leadership styles, which gives you the ability to maximize your strengths, and increase the effective impact you have with others.

Your Integram Style shows where your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as your gifts and blind-spots.  With this knowledge you can truly leverage your strengths, take charge of how you relate with others, and be more effective and successful.

Individual (Post-Grad): Month-to-Month

Advanced use of the tools learned in either the PRP or TSM programs, (please see below) in complex, real-world situations. When you want to take the Optimized Results Component Parts Work©, R.A.R.E. Neurological Re-wiring©, and Cognitive Linguistic work into practical applications with full, individualized Integral Coaching Support.  Please contact me with questions, or to schedule.


Couples Assessment and Action Plan

For couples, partners, or duos of any kind.  We’ll map the minefields and illuminate the most nourishing path for your relationship.  Sessions can be stand-alone, short-term, or quarterly.

90 minute sessions

Please contact me with questions, or to schedule CLICK HERE - BOOK 2 HRS

Monthly Team Coaching - Communications and  Conflict Resolution

1 Hour or 90 Minute Sessions (weekly or bi-weekly) [click for options]

Optimal for situational or circumstantial issues or when you're looking for common ground and better communication flow.  You can address specific challenges in your team, gaining new resources, and developing more effective ways of working.

Please contact me with questions, or to schedule.



Please contact me with your questions, or if you'd like to schedule.










in Continental U.S.



*International please add $4.05

(average cost of shipping is $8.50 - so I'll split it with you)


Outside of Continental U.S.  $20.00



“Thank you for providing me with the ability to stop trying to fix the ‘yet another thing’ and move on with my goals.  I can now back off, relax and enjoy life."

--- Serena Fuchs, CEO – Smart Puzzle, Inc.

San Jose, CA



"...Thanks so much for the Couples Session.  It just nailed us to a tee, and we're doing great now!  Understanding each others' different approach makes a huge difference.."

--D.B., San Francisco, CA



“Thanks to the tools you’ve given me, I feel more fulfilled, productive, balanced, and outright happy than ever before."

--Ed Diaz, CEO,

P-Shift Mortgage Solutions

San Francisco, CA



"…A multi-million dollar deal was falling apart before my eyes.  I started using Ian’s communication  tools and turned it around to close my biggest deal yet…"

   --Jeff A.,

Independent Agent

Alameda, CA


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