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  Ascending through the spectrum of visible light (between Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet) has been used to indicate the Stages of Consciousness Development by Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute for the last few years, diverging from the original color scheme laid out by Don Beck in his work with Clare Graves and Spiral Dynamics.  Each Stage integrates and encompasses the Stage preceding it, including the "hot" or "cool" versions of each color, denoting "agency" or "communal" prevalence.   This model of the Integral Enneagram adds and re-orders stages to the model (specifically Yellow and Blue) and illustrates that each of our “aspects” (Core Type, Wings, Stress and Security) can reside at different stages of development.  Wilber has used "Lines" to describe this phenomena, and "Types" to describe what we're calling "aspects." Those aspects are indicated by the “bubbles” within the cloud.  Each may be in different stages of consciousness evolution, and these differences often model our obstructions to growth.



The Sticky Meme Variable (tracking chewing gum up the staircase)

Each typology has what have been called “root/soul injuries” that resonate more with certain developmental memes (the ones that validate their perspective – vicious cycle).  We technically call this a “sticky part” caught in certain areas of consciousness development where certain types are deeply seeded in certain levels, and this creates a strong ego identification at that level.
  This can make consciousness ascension more difficult at lower levels and easier as you progress.  The ability to hold the possibility of self without ego identification increases with altitude, as ego identification becomes less needed for one's very survival.  That genetic memory ("we're the descendants of the ones who survived" genes) is why release of ego identification is harder at lower levels of consciousness, especially when stress pulls toward survival level consciousness. 


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