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    Breaking Thru the Pavement, part 1

The Integram: an Integral Enneagram of Consciousness;  a model of consciousness, including all aspects, for designing practical paths of personal development and evolution.

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Breaking Thru the Pavement, part 1

To keep this short, I'm going to break this post up over this month and next month. It's about Liberation and Freedom, and I classically coordinate this theme with Independence Day in July, so let's get started a little early, and keep it rolling right through next month.

I’ve previously addressed the concept of Internal Prejudice, and how we unconsciously (or consciously) look down our nose at our own natural processing styles (how we take in and sort the world around us.) This time, I’d like to dig into how we can rid ourselves of unnecessary restraints that we’ve put on ourselves, so that we can take advantage of our processing styles, rather than be limited by them. 

Ever feel like there’s an “internal tug-of-war” going on? Ever try to identify exactly who’s pulling in which direction? It’s tricky because there are many players and many sides. We’re literally getting pulled in all directions. Each is a perspective, with its own agenda, communication style, survival strategies, and defense mechanisms.  What’s more, beyond our internal choir we have the voices of our parents, teachers, peers, and more, all contributing their perspectives.

Our own natural ways of processing the world around us are often different than those parents, teachers, et al, and rather than be told, “my, how creative and interesting!”  we’re usually told, “No. You should see it like this, do it like this, be like this.” Our defenses and survival strategies come up and we either rebel, or question and doubt the value of our own perceptions. The voices in our heads become even less connected to a unified sense of self.

This creates an awful lot of communication going on inside of us that isn’t conveying much beyond chaos, confusion, and anxiety. Our most common defense is to detach from, or anesthetize this over-abundance of input. Unfortunately, this defense works against our best interests. The input is valuable; we need to be able to take it in, without being overwhelmed by the sheer volume.

We process incoming information different ways depending on our dominant Processing Center (lenses, filters, and so forth.) We process some through linear brain-centric thinking, some through emotion and identity-centric feeling, and some information through our body-sense or intuition. This is similar to different bandwidths, if you’re familiar with light or sound frequencies. None of it is superior, anymore than fire is superior to water or air. The more sides of a story you have - the more dots per inch - the clearer and more accurate the picture. Any prejudice we feel toward one part of ourselves, denigrating our thoughts, emotions or intuition, is an example of that Internal Prejudice, which doesn’t serve us. Let yourself recognize this, and set an alarm for yourself. Awareness is a great first step; change is inevitable.

The Flow

There are natural reasons for us to be drawn or repelled by processing styles. This doesn’t mean they’re right or wrong. Our perspectives and worldviews are dynamic; always in a dance of reaction to life. When you’re totally stressed, you see life differently. When everything is going wonderfully, and you’re on top of the world – well, the expression itself speaks to that perspective shift. The world didn’t change, yet the way you take it in changed; including a different way of processing.

If we’re generally more in our feelings, we might get more thinking-oriented in stress or security. If we’re more thinking-oriented, we could become more emotional. And of course, if we’re more naturally intuitive, we’ll be pulled toward our brains or heart as life changes. It’s very important for you to understand that this flow is neither good nor bad, and is nothing to correct or fix. The flow itself is part of what defines you. There is however, a very definite sense of the movement being positive or negative. This is where the potential gremlin lives.

Without a truly conscious decision being made, we’re drawn to the processing center where we have our historical experience of security and confidence. Conversely, we’re subconsciously repelled by that processing center we associate with stress.

This isn’t a life sentence by any means, and learning how to get the most from your different perspectives is a powerful skill-set that leads to Emotional Resilience, Self-Mastery, and Optimized Results.

Next month we'll get deeper into how we unconsciously create these hierarchies and internal prejudices, and how we can rise above this, using Conscious Awareness and some cool Optimized Results Mind-Hacks. We'll look at some real-world examples of people who were able to find great happiness and clarity when they freed themselves from the limitations of these old stories and narratives. These stories inevitably hold us back from achieving our greater potential for success and happiness.

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     - Ian J. Blei


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