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Dynamic Discovery Session or

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Regularly $247.00

but now until April 30th, only $125.00!!


The Dynamic Discovery Session is a 1-Hour introduction to the unique Optimized Results process. It's designed to identify and explore your Internal Operating System, which directs and determines how you respond to everything and everyone in your life. You’ll discover how this flow has impacted your life, and how you can be in command of it going forward. You’ll also discover how everyone else’s IOS interacts with yours, and how to minimize conflict while maximizing connection. You’ll walk away with a tool for shifting and creating good habits that serve you, and take you where you want to be. Please contact Ian Blei with questions, or to schedule.



Laser Coaching Single Session is Optimal for situational or circumstantial issues (coping strategies and triage) or when you're not quite ready for embarking on a journey of personal evolution.  You can address specific challenges in your life, gaining new resources, without a full operating system upgrade. Please contact Ian Blei with questions, or to schedule.



Contact me with your questions, or to schedule.




"…A multi-million dollar deal was falling apart before my eyes.  I started using Ian’s communication  tools and turned it around to close my biggest deal yet…"

   --Jeff A.,

Independent Agent

Alameda, CA



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