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The Integram: an Integral Enneagram of Consciousness;  a model of consciousness, including all aspects, for designing practical paths of personal development and evolution.

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Project Managing Your Life
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A Good Plan Liberates You
Planning and spontaneity are tricky to balance, but we must. If we over-plan, not allowing for surprises, we constantly need to re-adjust our plans. If we just take things as they come, we find ourselves playing a real life version of “Whack-A-Mole,” where we rarely feel grounded or on track. Designing a working balance is a skill-set we need for every part of our lives.

When we don’t start out with a functional design, things tend to find their own patterns, usually following the natural flow of chaos. Look at how rivers and our circulatory systems split into multiple smaller vessels, from arteries down to capillaries. Look at trees and how their branches divide the same way. This beautiful, natural progression from simplicity to complexity is at the heart of Chaos and Fractal Geometry.

This increasing complexity doesn’t serve us too well in our lives and work. Everything dividing into more and more complexity can make us a bit crazy; feeling like there’s no end to the ever increasing tasks. It’s like the Hydra; cut off one head, and two more grow back in its place.

This seems to be a common state for a lot of people; especially in entrepreneurial circles. They’re trying to take care of a hundred things in a hundred directions, and are constantly experiencing overwhelm and exhaustion. They find themselves overextended, trying to cover everything on every branch, as if they’re juggling at high speed, trying desperately not to drop anything. Again, it’s not surprising that people would find themselves in this position, given the process is a natural progression. It can only be altered by intentional design.

Reversing the Pattern
If we look at this pattern in reverse, we’ll see multiple streams coming together to common arteries.  Instead of branches dividing into more and smaller branches traveling away from the bough, they come together from the tips of the branches toward the bough.  This picture looks very different.  Now we’re seeing complexity flowing into simplicity.  Instead of standing at the pointy part of a triangle looking at it’s expanded base, we’re at the base, looking at everything converging at the end point.

The design element required to use this view practically is our old friend: “reverse engineering.” We need to start from our end-point and work our way backwards. This can become a challenge in itself. Sometimes we have a vague idea of what we want the end result to be, but most of the time, it seems to be a collection of things we’ve been told we “should” aim for, or have in a certain time frame.  The gap between that future vision and the list of action items we’re buried under is a chasm of mystery.

We hold to some kind of faith that we’ll figure that part out when we get there, and focus on plowing through the action items on our lists; overwhelmed and stressed out. We need to build a bridge over that chasm, from our future to our present, without the mystery.

A Structure for Intentional Design
Although it can be difficult to visualize where we want to be and what we want to be doing in a few years, it’s imperative to at least have a clue.  If you haven’t picked a destination point, how do you know to head east, west, north, or south? How do you know if you can do it walking, riding a bike, or need something faster? Your destination point is going to drive all your decisions and all your actions. You’ve got to make it clear. 

What throws us off is not wanting to “make a mistake” and have to come back and start over. Ironically, this is precisely what  not having a destination point ensures. So what are these “mistakes?” Primarily, where we go wrong is in taking everyone else’s opinions about what we “should” do too seriously. The odds that they’re more in touch than you are with your values, your dreams, your capabilities, and your motivations, is pretty small. Have they taken the time to plan all the contingencies, resources, and actions for achieving your dreams? Doubtful. At best, their intentions are good, but they can’t possibly have a strategic plan for your life designed, better than you can.

So we need to come up with those destination points.  If you start with your deepest values, and imagine yourself as the person who embodies and brings those values to life, that person can come up with a pretty good destination point. This is what you’ll passionately and tenaciously pursue, regardless of what anyone says. Now it’s just about reverse engineering the resources and action steps to get there. These become the milestones of your journey. One clean, straight line from your destination point back to where you’re standing, with regular milestones along the way.

This doesn’t mean being locked into a bad contract. You’re aiming for something phenomenal, so it’s easier to keep going, but if things change, you can use this same process to create a new destination point, and direct your course accordingly. The difference is simply no overwhelm, no feeling utterly stuck, and no burnout from juggling at high speed, trying desperately not to drop anything.

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